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Feel free to complete any of these forms when you arrive for your appointment with Dr. Basha or Dr. Staudinger in Molong and Orange. However, if you would prefer to get a head start you can complete these forms and email them to or bring them along to your next appointment.  


After your dental extraction Dr. Basha or Dr. Staudinger will discuss how to care for your socket and provide you with a copy of the post operative care instructions. If you require an additional copy of the care instructions please follow the link below. 

Please note: If you are experiencing any prolonged bleeding or severe pain, contact us at 02 5319 0190. After hours, call healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222 for advice on further care options.


Dr. Basha and Dr. Staudinger in Molong and Orange bulk bill Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule ($1052 over a 2 year period for patients 17 years of age and younger), and accept DVA Gold and White cards. 

Follow the links for more information:


Dr. Simon Basha and Dr. Lisa Staudinger are proud members of the Australian Dental Association federal and NSW branches. The ADA is a great resource if you would like a trustworthy source for accurate and up to date information on your oral health, dental procedures and services. 

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